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Ecuador voted the best place in the world to retire, again!

Business Insider, an international business journal out of the UK, voted Ecuador once again the best place in the world to retire.

The magazine cites relatively low cost of living, stable political environment, and breathtaking scenario, senior citizen discounts, and no taxes on goods imported from overseas, as the primary reason why people from around the globe are targeting Ecuador as their retirement destination of choice. Click Here to Read the Article.

This is great news for Ecuador´s real estate industry which continues to see steady increases in property values, with many Ecuadorean´s selling farmland near the coast for good sums of money, and opening businesses in larger towns or cities. Ecuadorean Real Estate Investors are strong good returns from renting out apartments in some of the attractive expat hubs like Cuenca and Cotacachi, while real estate agents throughout the country who know how to access this market continue to earn high commissions on property sales made to foreign buyers.

But these sales won´t simply fall out of the sky and into your lap.  You need to know how to access these buyers and renters.  Speaking English helps, but a strong web presence that gets your property visibility in the international market is the vital ingredient to success.

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